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Civil Division -- Civil cases involve a dispute between two or more parties over an injury,
their rights, or their obligations.  Civil cases do not involve a person being prosecuted for
violating a criminal law.  The Court's Civil Division handles non-criminal cases other than
family, juvenile, and probate. Small Claims is part of the Civil Division.
Criminal Division -- Criminal Court is the court where the state holds people accountable
for violations of criminal law. Only the State, through the office of the District Attorney in
each county, can charge individuals with criminal violations. Criminal courts conduct
arraignments, pretrial hearings, preliminary examination hearings, pretrial law and motion
hearings, trials, sentencing, probation-related hearings, and proceedings regarding criminal
justice mental health.
Chief Judge of the Criminal Division  --  District Judge David Guten
Juvenile Division -- Juvenile focuses on two different types of cases that involve children
under the age of 18 (minors). Juvenile Deprived matters involve cases related to the abuse
and/or neglect of a minor, while Juvenile Delinquency matters involve violations of criminal
laws by a minor.
Probate Division -- Probate court hears cases related to the personal and financial affairs
of adults and children. The Probate Division hears cases concerning the appointment of
personal representatives including guardianships for children and conservatorships for
incapacitated adults; the distribution and handling of estates of people who have died;
petitions regarding trust administration; review and accounting of guardians and
conservators; disputes about wills, trusts, and powers of attorney; and other matters that
may arise under the Probate code.
Chief Judge of the Civil Division  -- District Judge Rebecca Brett Nightingale
Chief Judge of the Juvenile Division  --  District Judge Kevin Gray
Chief Judge of the Family Division  --  District Judge Richard Hathcoat
Family Division -- Family Law Courts hear cases involving dissolution of marriage, nullity, legal
separation and paternity, including related issues of spousal support, child support and custody and
marital property. Family Court also focuses on matters that relate to domestic violence (protective orders).
Chief Judge of the Probate Division  --  District Judge Kurt G. Glassco