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Notice to Foreign Language Interpreters about Certification
Tulsa County District Court will no longer be providing certifications to foreign language interpreters. The
Supreme Court has authorized a certification program for spoken language interpreters in the Oklahoma
courts based upon the nationally recognized standards approved by the National Center for State Courts
(NCSC) (also known as the Consortium for Language Access in the Courts).  
At this time, applications are being accepted from Oklahoma residents seeking
credentials as spoken-language interpreters in the following categories:

·       Provisional Interpreter Status
·       Certification by Reciprocity    

Instruction sheets, a list of certified interpreters, and additional information is available on the
Supreme Court’s website,
here, along with application forms and other materials.  

Notice to Foreign Language Interpreters about Payment
Effective with appointments made for Foreign Language services on or after July 1, 2014,
the maximum payable rate for uncertified services provided is $20.00 per hour.

Notice to Court Appointed Attorneys regarding hourly rate:
Pursuant to Supreme Court Administrative Directive 2014-06(7), the Court is only
authorized to pay $45.00 per hour for out-of-court services and $65.00 per hour
for in-court services. This is effective with appointments made on or after July 1,
2014. Other provisions of local rule CR10 setting total compensation in specific
types of cases remains in effect.

New Court Costs Docket set for July 17, 2017

Tulsa County District Court has set a special docket for Court Costs on
July 17, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. in courtroom 173. The cases on the list below are set on
this special docket. Bench warrants have been ordered in all of these cases but have
not yet been issued. If you want to make a new payment agreement and prevent the
bench warrant from being issued,
you should appear for this docket.

Cases on Docket
Tulsa County Courthouse Announces “Warrant Independence” Day

Now through July 14th individuals of Tulsa County can have their failure to pay warrant released with
a payment of $150.00 and structuring of a new payment plan. Those with failure to pay can come in
to the Cost Administration desk within the Court Clerk’s office during the amnesty period of July 5th
through July 14th, Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 5:00pm and make a cash payment or in
some cases by credit card. They may also use the E-payment system online at  
If someone with an active failure to pay warrant utilizes the e-payment option they are advised to
contact the Cost  Administration office that a payment has been made.

The Cost Administration desk is located on the second floor of the Courthouse
at 500 South Denver in the Court Clerk’s office.

“This is an opportunity for some individuals, either with failure to pay warrants or those who may be
concerned that a failure to pay warrant is about to be ordered can have a little peace of mind,” says
Don Newberry the Tulsa County Court Clerk. “If they show up in our office or contact us by phone we
may be able to help them.”  The Cost Administrator can be reached at 918-596-5458.