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Juvenile Division -- Juvenile focuses on different types of cases that involve children under the
age of 18 (minors). Juvenile Deprived matters involve cases related to the abuse and/or neglect of a
minor, while Juvenile Delinquency matters involve violations of criminal laws by a minor. Other
matters include juvenile involuntary commitment for mental health and substance abuse inpatient
treatment; Children in Need of Supervision; issues of status of offenders regarding truancy,
runaways, inability of parents to discipline at home; and medical treatment emergencies for children
when parents are unable or will not consent to necessary medical treatment to save a child’s life.
500 South Denver, Tulsa OK  74103   |   Phone:  (918) 596-5000

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Chief Judge of the Juvenile Division  --  District Judge Kevin Gray
District Judge Kevin Gray
Chief Judge of the Juvenile Division

Juvenile Court
Judge: Kevin Gray
Quency Majed
Court Reporter: Tami Morse
Bailiff:  Brendan Hall
Phone:  (918) 596-5904
Phone:  (918) 596-5908
Phone:  (918) 596-5329
Phone:  (918) 596-5907
Phone:  (918) 596-5909
Phone:  (918) 596-4758
Phone:  (918) 596-5309
Phone:  (918) 596-5329
Special Judge C. Kevin Morrison

Juvenile Court
Judge: Kevin Morrison
 Kelli Snyder
Bailiff:  Marilyn Grant
Court Reporter:
Phone:  (918) 596-5318
Phone:  (918) 596-5319
Phone:  (918) 596-8471
Phone:  (918) 596-5329
Special Judge Julie Doss

Juvenile Court
Judge: Julie Doss
 Karry Tripp
Bailiff: Theresa Venner
Court Reporter:
Mission Statement

The mission of the Tulsa County Juvenile Bureau and District Court is to
collaboratively promote and administer prevention, justice and effective treatment
in a fair, timely and appropriate manner with dignity and respect for the needs of
the children, youth and families and for the safety or our community.
  • Juvenile deprived matters are
    confidential and proceedings
    are not open to the public.
    These juvenile records are
    confidential and can only be
    released to officers of the
    court, specific agencies, or by
    order of the Chief Judge of
    the Juvenile Court.
  • Information on other juvenile
    matters may be available to
    the public.
  • Court costs in juvenile cases are
    collected at the Gilcrease location..
  • Juvenile Court Probation Services
    are located at:  North Pointe
    Business Center , Pine &
    Cincinnati, 205 E. Pine St., Tulsa,
    Oklahoma 74106
  • The Detention Facility is located
    on the north side entrance to the
    Gilcrease Museum Road address.
  • The Phoenix Rising Alternative
    School is located at North Pointe
    and is operated in collaboration
    with Tulsa Public Schools.
The Juvenile Division of the District Court is housed with the Juvenile Bureau
located at:  500 W. Archer Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103-2208
Phone: 918-596-5971

There are three Juvenile Case
Managers that can receive calls
about deprived cases:

Kim Rebsamen  918-596-5956
Tera Snelson  918-596-5911
Sal Munoz  918-596-5969
New Policies and Procedures for Tulsa County Juvenile Division
adopted and effective January 1, 2019
Rule JV 6
Policies & Procedures
Juvenile Division
Policies /
Local Court Rules
Protective Orders
Courthouse Phone
Phone:  (918) 596-8470
Phone:  (918) 596-5910
Phone:  (918) 596-4961
Phone:  (918) 596-5329
Special Judge Theresa Dreiling

Juvenile Court
Judge: Theresa Dreiling
 Joey Combs
Bailiff:  Lisa Carpenter
Court Reporter: