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Probate Division -- Probate court hears cases related to the personal and financial affairs of adults and children. The Probate
Division hears cases concerning the appointment of personal representatives including guardianships for children and conservatorships
for incapacitated adults; the distribution and handling of estates of people who have died; petitions regarding trust administration;
review and accounting of guardians and conservators; disputes about wills, trusts, and powers of attorney; and other matters that may
arise under the Probate code.
500 South Denver, Tulsa OK  74103   |   Phone:  (918) 596-5000

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Special Judge J. Anthony Miller

Judge: J. Anthony Miller
Bailee Hillhouse
Bailiff:  Phil Grandstaff
Phone:  (918) 596-8750
Phone:  (918) 596-8751
Phone:  (918) 596-8753
District Judge Kurt G. Glassco
Chief Judge of the Probate Division

Judge Kurt G. Glassco
 Sarah Blackwell
Court Reporter: Judy Wilson
Bailiff:  Johnette Hill
Phone:  (918) 596-5320
Phone:  (918) 596-5323
Phone:  (918) 596-5321
Phone:  (918) 596-5322
Chief Judge of the Probate Division  --  District Judge Kurt G. Glassco
Problem Solving Courts
Special Judge Deborrah Ludi Leitch

Judge: Deborrah Ludi Leitch
 Kacharra Mansker
Bailiff:  Samantha Boen
Phone:  (918) 596-5330
Phone:  (918) 596-5332
Phone:  (918) 596-5333