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Integrated Domestic Violence Court
500 South Denver, Tulsa OK  74103   |   Phone:  (918) 596-5000

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Accountability Courts
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Tulsa County DV Court

Victoria Lowe
DV Court Coordinator
500 S. Denver, Room 607, Tulsa, OK  74103

The Tulsa County Domestic Violence (DV) Court is an accountability court dedicated to improving the Court’s response to domestic violence and sexual
assault. The Court is a criminal domestic violence court with both misdemeanor and felony dockets focusing on intimate partner violence (IPV) in cases
of domestic violence, violation of protective orders, and stalking. The Court works to coordinate with Protective Order and Family Court to increase
victim safety and offender compliance. It also collaborates with the local state-court justice system and the local community to effectively respond to
domestic violence and sexual assault, hold offenders accountable, and enhance victim safety.

Unique Features of DV Court

Expedited Resolution – The DV Court aims to move cases quickly towards resolution enabling individuals to complete most, if not all, district
court actions involving their intimate partners.
Judicial Review Hearings – Hearings that will occur after an offender’s sentencing and typically continue during any probation/supervisory
period. Offender compliance with court orders is closely monitored so that the court is quickly advised of any non-compliance.
Case Coordination – In order to reduce the risk of conflicting court orders, DV Court staff track any co-existing cases involving DV Court
litigants and inform all judges to which they are assigned about the status and resolution of those cases.
High-Risk, High-Lethality Docket – Launching in 2021, high-risk DV offenders (those cases involving strangulation, firearms, assaults on
pregnant women, or threats to kill) will be on their own compliance docket, have dedicated probation/supervision officers, and attend batterer
intervention programming with only other high-risk offenders.

Domestic Violence Intervention Services (DVIS
3124 E. Apache St. Tulsa, OK 74110
Family Safety Center
600 Civic Center
Main Floor Police Courts Building
Tulsa, OK  74103
Oklahoma Attorney General Certified Batterer
Intervention Programs
Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and
Sexual Assault

Oklahoma Hotline 1-800-522-7233

       All misdemeanor cases filed that include domestic violence, violation of protective orders, and stalking are automatically assigned to the
Misdemeanor Domestic Violence (MDV) docket.
•        Felony cases are screened weekly to identify cases eligible for the Felony Domestic Violence (FDV) docket based on the FDV Administrative

•        The DV Court tracks all MDV & FDV data including, but not limited to, the date of offense, filing, disposition, reviews, and revocation.

This project was supported by Grant No. 2017-FJ-AX-0018 awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice.
The opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed in this publication/program/exhibition are those of the author(s) and do
not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women

In 2013, thanks to a federal grant awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, the Tulsa County Domestic Violence Court was born. The Court
began in 2014 as an Integrated Domestic Violence Court wherein one judge heard both a misdemeanor domestic violence case along with any protective
order involving those same intimate partners.  In 2016, a dedicated felony domestic violence docket began in order to fill the gap in the court’s response
to felony domestic violence and sexual assault cases. In an effort to coordinate the dockets, Tulsa County Domestic Violence Court then moved from
being an Integrated Domestic Violence Court to a Coordinated Domestic Violence Court and continues to use that model today.

Mentor Court

In 2020, Tulsa County Domestic Violence Court was awarded a grant from the Office on Violence Against Women to become a Mentor Court. In
becoming a Mentor Court, Tulsa County is able to give back to other communities through peer-to-peer learning opportunities, site visits, and sharing
what we’ve learned as a DV court. We provide support and resources to those interested in implementing their own domestic violence court, as well as
assisting established courts in strengthening their current model.

For more information on Mentor Courts: