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Parenting Plan Conference
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Welcome to Tulsa County District Court Family Division.   For all divorces cases with minor
children, legal separation with minor children, and parentage/paternity cases, the first
court date for all parties is the Parenting Plan Conference (“PPC”) in Courtroom 605.  In
response to the COVID19 pandemic, until August 1, 2020, the Division is implementing
ways to reduce time in the courthouse for parties and lawyers attending PPC while
continuing efforts to stabilize custody, parenting time/visitation, and child support.

Before you come to your PPC, please do all of the following and be sure to stay in touch
with your lawyer if you are represented.  Please do not bring any children to the PPC.

Before you come to Court for PPC:
1)        Watch the video on this web page “Parenting Through Divorce”
2)        Watch the video on this web page   “Listen to the Voices of the Children of Divorce”
3)        Complete the document on this web page that you have watched both videos.  
Bring this document with you to your PPC.

If, within 30 days of the case filing, parties have an Agreed Temporary Order AND have
already completed a divorce adjustment workshop (such as Helping Children Cope with
Divorce or OSU’s Co-Parenting for Resilience) the PPC requirement will be waived until
August 1, 2020.   

We hope these steps help you better navigate our Court system and reduce time spent in
the Courthouse until we fully resume standard operations.  Please know the Court is
unable to provide any personal protective equipment, such as masks and gloves.

Please contact the Family Court Resource Coordinator, Steven Amend, at 918-596-5335
with any questions regarding PPC or where to register for a divorce adjustment workshop.

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Family Court Division
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Fill out and bring the below form:

PPC Attestation Form